Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Incredible light show in Nebraska

The northern lights were very active again this week, and with the clear skies we had in Nebraska Wednesday morning, I grabbed my camera and did some time lapse photography.   It was nearly a full moon, greatly increasing the degree of difficulty to photograph the aurora.  Because of the brightness of the moon the colors and brightness of the aurora were not nearly as intense as they could have been.  I shot photos for a full 6 hours and stayed out all night, it was simply gorgeous.

People ask me how I find the energy to do such a thing and still make it to work the next day.  The answer is it simply "it gives me energy".  Watch the video and maybe you will understand.  If still you still cannot understand, perhaps someday you will find yourself looking up at a beautiful sky at 03:00am and suddenly realize what I am talking about.

At approximately 00:41 in the clip you will hear audio of coyotes that I dubbed into the audio.  I was able to capture these sounds the same night as the aurora by fashioning a "directional microphone" for my cell phone out of a styrofoam cup.   Hope you enjoy.

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